Range Rover SV Intrepid: rolling castle

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Everyone knows that the best jams are made in old pots. So, imagine the latest addition Special Vehicle Operation From Range Rover, a pioneer and specialist in the production of luxury 4×4 models for nearly fifty years.

The SV model is actually the valuable heir of the 4 generations before it. A shape that is recognizable at home, a perfect fit for the driver's roads and a certain requirement for comfort on board. And there are also new features: different engines available (hybrid or plug-in), innovations in the suspension, the presence of multiple electronic modules, curved and high-resolution displays, as well as extensive personalization of the vehicle to taste. for each.

Using the tool brings almost peace and feels like Willie Nelson. We can't wait to be on the road again and over and over again. Moreover, thanks to sound insulation of the passenger compartment Thanks to the noise canceling system, you no longer need to turn up the volume to hear Willie's harmonica, listen to Radio VGL or just enjoy the ride in silence. To this should be added the automatic air suspension system, which can react to changes in the surface in just 12 milliseconds, further isolating the passenger compartment and making the ride very smooth and tidy. This system also helps with turns and direction changes, because the SV still weighs more than 2 tonnes.

Range Rover SV profile

This fifth generation Range Rover is truly comfortable and roomy. we have the impression travel to class business A luxury airline. Is this an impression anyway?

There is space for passengers, some seats are massaged and there is the possibility of adjusting them to a reclining position. Heads are also adjustable and can adapt to the shape of the head; so it's ideal for easy naps. I've personally never tested headrests as comfortable as this Range Rover's. They deserve an article on their own.

An air cleaner is integrated into the vehicle's ventilation system. It shows the air quality both inside and outside the vehicle. This makes it possible to purify the air in the passenger compartment, leaving bad odors and even viruses at the door (yes, if the filter is very powerful). The settings control screen is intuitive and easy to use. The resolution is optimal and the screen is curved. This blends the screen into the control panel. Aesthetic rendering is very successful.

Range Rover SV steering wheel

Speaking of aesthetics, this SV model has had a bit of a refresh, but one thing hasn't changed: real finesse in material selection It includes the gear lever, audio system volume control, various add-ons and finally the center console panel. You can choose from wood, ceramic, metal finish, leather and even fabric finish. Beyond the personalization of the passenger compartment, which is achieved only through color selection and visual effects, personalization is also made based on the sensations felt when touched.

Details of Range Rover SV

As for the exterior, Less but more. Two themes were created: SV Serenity and SV Intrepid. Sobriety and minimalism are king here.

This customizable luxury is designed, created and manufactured at the brand's historic site in Solihull, UK. The finishing touches of the small ceramic medallion with the vehicle logo are made by hand in the workshop.

Tested model: Range Rover SV Brave.

Range Rover SV

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