Renewing the entryway closet with practical storage ideas. From foundation to walk-in closet

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A few days before Thanksgiving I decided to update the entry closet. It was a fun process, but it definitely took me more than a few days to complete. Haha what's the point of setting unrealistic goals?

I think overall it took me 3-4 days to finish the entire cabinet, including the waiting time for the paint between coats. It was so fun to see my sketch plan come to life!

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I've already written about the plans for this entryway cabinet makeover, and most of it actually went according to plan. As well as the colors of the cabinet. The thing is, this is a rental house and I did this renovation for my landlord who is planning to sell the house soon. So he asked me to address this to everyone. Hence the choice of white paint.

The paint I chose is the same color I painted the playroom—Behr's “whisper white.” I just love the tones, not too cold, not too yellow but the perfect amount of warmth.

So let's see that the “before” wasn't so nice after all

entry cabinet makeover

Here's what it looked like in the process when I removed the old tile, put the shelf higher, and added a new tile for the hooks.

And here's a glorious “after”

entry cabinet makeover


For the flooring I used 1×4″, 1×5″ pre-primed boards.

My favorite part of this closet makeover was moving the shoe compartments to the sides. I have a detailed tutorial on how to make shoe eyes with plans. I think this small change not only makes the whole space tidier, but also makes a lot more sense. Now the kids have a place for their shoes, I have a place for my shoes, but the closet doesn't feel overcrowded. On the contrary, it gives the appearance of a built-in wardrobe.


entry cabinet makeover
entry cabinet makeover

As I mentioned before, I chose to use warm wood tones, white colors and black hooks for contrast to achieve a very stylish look.

Another thing I absolutely loved about this closet was that I removed the long coat rod and replaced it with a shorter one. It's 24″ long but serves the purpose perfectly.

entry cabinet makeover


  • black hooks. there is these And these from Amazon for $12 each
  • Pre-primed 1×4″ boards
  • Pre-primed 1×5″ boards
  • baskets. I bought mine from Home Goods but similar to here
  • Jacket bar. The most basic one, extending from 18-30″ you can find it here.
  • Materials for shoe compartments are here

What do you think of this coat entryway closet makeover? I absolutely love it. Much more functional, modern and attractive.

If you would like to watch the video version of this cabinet makeover and see what went wrong in the process and how I fixed it, you can watch this video: video on my YouTube channel.

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