Sia's bedroom evolution and my favorite finds from her room

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I started working on this bedroom when I found out about it a few weeks ago. bed frame My order is coming soon; Designing my first bedroom for my daughter is such an exciting moment. I had a planned mood board and a general idea of ​​what I wanted the room to look like, but I was mostly making decisions on the go.

Here are some photos taken before:


First I needed to introduce the field. It was a light demo; No walls were destroyed. I removed the shelves above the windows. I like the look, but it makes the whole room look smaller. These were difficult to remove; It had been painted over and over and looked like it had been glued to the wall.

Tip: When removing old shelves metal putty knifeslide it under the wood, and tap gently with a hammer until it comes off.

I also had to remove an old shelf and a few other items.


Our house was built in 1900 and has been painted so much over the last 122 years that the window sill has sunk into the walls and remains flush with the walls. Here's a photo, so you know what I mean.

You can read the blog here about the simple tips I use to beautify our windows and return them to their former glory.

I did the same to the door that had a similar problem.

My friend came and helped me install the crown molding. Believe me, I will never blog about it and I look forward to doing the Crown soon. Still, thank you so much my friend! What he did was amazing.

The main problem with installing the crown here is that the ceilings and walls are quite unstable. We had to go over the hill a few times and when you get up on the ladder you can see it's crooked. But we keep a positive attitude here and try not to think about it. That's what happens, you can't stop the walls haha.

After the crown I added a chair rail 4 ft from the ceiling. I had planned to add a picture frame to the bottom half of the wall, but since the partitions were so crooked, I chose not to add those squares as they would visually draw attention to the subject. Ah, one less job; I'm not complaining.

I used a laser level make the job easier – the small but useful thing that makes the job go faster.

I already look better

to paint

I chose one for paint Portuguese dawn color from Behr in two sheens – eggshell for walls and semi-gloss for trim.

I should have painted the trim before applying the wallpaper, but the baseboards and windows needed to be prepped with primer before painting and I decided to do the wallpaper first.

Painting was done in two stages – first. I painted the walls with eggshell paint, let it dry, and applied two coats of semi-gloss paint for the trim, windows, doors, and baseboards.

Wall paper

I used this amazing wallpaper with rabbit I found it on Spoonflower. My daughter was delighted when she saw this for the first time! It was easy to install as it was simply peeled off and glued on. I wrote a whole blog about tips and tricks for installing wallpaper flawlessly.

Relating to:


I wanted to buy an IKEA Hemnes dresser for this bedroom, but I wanted to check out the local Facebook marketplace before buying a new one. And I got lucky; I found an excellent Hemnes dresser in excellent condition for half the price. Arrow!!

The same thing happened with the bedside tables. But I replaced the drawer pulls with round bronze ones from IKEA to make it gorgeous. And I bought these as nightstands cute bow handles.


This room comes together so beautifully! I can't wait to finish them all! Stay tuned and sign up for newsletter Be the first to see the description.

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