Speakeasy library room introduction + budget breakdown

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This announcement has been overdue since I finished the room a few months ago, but life has been very busy lately and I haven't had time to update you.

I'm dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and being a single mom while juggling a job and a DIY home renovation is challenging.

Today I posted a video showing how this beautiful, chatty library came to life. You can do watch here.

Relating to

Library mood board (how I imagined the library when I first saw this house)

The progress of the library and the difficult part

So now it looks like this:


Total: $3939

The chairs were the most expensive part of this makeover, and rightfully so; They look amazing! I got these for 30% off during the Black Friday sale. These were my Christmas gifts and now I enjoy them almost every morning after I drop off the kids and read a book and drink green tea. This is pure happiness!

The chandelier is a budget-friendly version this is amazing.

And as a general rule, I usually buy an expensive item for the room and work on smaller things by thrifting or DIYing it.

Now I'm speaking like an expert, but this is the first room I've finished in the house. This is the way I approach changes to the budget.

The book corner was a very fun project to do with my friend. It comes as a DIY kit and you need to assemble it yourself. It took us about 7 hours to finish. You can watch how we do it in this reel from @ifonlyapril.

I will never stop raving about the Graco spray painter and masking fluid that made this paint job more manageable. If you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely try it. I wrote tips on using a paint sprayer; It is much faster than a roller.

I'm so pleased with how this room turned out. It was everything I wanted and so much more.

Now I'm trying to finish the kids' bedrooms, which are 90% finished. I hope it doesn't take too long😅




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