This hilarious game is a spiritual tribute to The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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Even if a video game is only mildly successful these days, it almost always feels like there's a chance a sequel could come along. Like even more niche titles frostpunk, Steamworld HeistAnd Fall of Greed Get into franchise in 2024. It makes it even more surprising that a company would never capitalize on the success of a classic game. That's why I'm always shocked The Simpsons: Hit and Run It was never followed up.

It was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube in 2003. hit and run Next to arcade beat 'em up, it is the best Simpsons game on the market. Chaotic pursuit The Simpsons: Road Rage We've taken a page from Grand Theft Auto's playbook to create the closest thing we've ever had to an open-world version of Springfield. Although a sequel was once in development, this never came to fruition. And since there's no modern remaster or port, there's no way for modern audiences to legitimately experience it.

Thank God his soul is alive Little Terry's Turbo Journey. Indie charmer, released on PC last week, is a small open world game. A Short Walk or Little Kitten, Big City. Players take on the role of Tiny Terry, an awkward kid who gets a summer driving job. His parents, who are on vacation, want him to spend the long months maturing and learning responsibility, but Terry has a different idea in mind.

He wants to go to space.

Terry drives in Tiny Terry's Turbo Cruise.
Super Rare Originals

The result is a funny and chaotic little coming-of-age story. The adventure begins with Terry getting his job and immediately saying he won't do it (his Steam success quickly confirms this). Instead, he explores a miniature open city using his yellow work car, looking for collectible scraps that can be used to upgrade his car's turbo boost. Having enough reinforcements will allow him to lift up a tall statue in the center of the city… which serves as a functional ramp to the stars.

The adventure is small in scope and can feel limited at times. This is a standard pickup game loop where a small handful of city goers' demands must be met. Someone stole me cars and took them to a friend of mine to split the money. Another allows me to catch stray blueprints with a bug net. In between these activities, I can wander around the city and hit as many cars and pedestrians as I want. I can also venture out on foot to smash boxes with my trusty pipe, or fly in a Zelda-like glider. This is the same mischief spell from the cartoon. The Simpsons: Hit and Run It's so unforgettable, even if the streets feel a little empty.

None of this is particularly remarkable on its own, but what makes it work is its outrageously funny sense of humor. Instead of making flashy jokes, Little Terry's Turbo Journey reveals absurd deadpan humor punctuated by perfectly timed awkward silences. On a quest, I found a suspicious man in the corridor who really wanted to commit a crime. Unfortunately, he has a code of ethics and refuses to commit any harmful crimes. I need to find some government secrets floating around city hall so I can give him a safe financial crime we can do together.

Another recurring joke has me checking out a guy tanning on the beach… The guy slowly gets hotter every time I check him out. Hysterical moments like this help Little Terry's Turbo Journey Make the most of the quick run time and crack a good joke at every opportunity.

In Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip, Terry is forced to destroy a car.
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That doesn't mean this is all irreverent nonsense. Beneath the absurdity of Terry learning to balance his free, childlike spirit with his growing responsibilities is a quiet and heartfelt story. He'd rather be hurtling through the space than working a summer job, but sometimes we need to grow up a little. This all builds back to one of my favorite endings in a game this year, and that's worth three to four hours of play on its own.

Again Little Terry's Turbo Journey will not fill completely Hit and run-A big hole in your heart is a charming homage to a classic Simpsons game. Give it a try and you'll find a fun slice of video game comedy with a distinctive style. You'll be hard-pressed to find better awkward silences in a game this year.

Little Terry's Turbo Journey It's out now on PC.

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