Valorant is coming to consoles, but there will be no cross-play feature

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Riot Games

don't value It's coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in a limited beta test next week. Riot Games announced these long-awaited ports for its competitive hero shooter at Summer Game Festival 2024. don't value There will be cross-progression feature on consoles, there will be no cross-play.

The lack of cross-play may be disappointing for some players hoping to party up with friends on PC; Riot Games says it made this decision “to maintain” of Valorant Competitive integrity standard.” After all, it wouldn't be fair for those with controllers to face off against players who use a keyboard and mouse to control the game. It also wouldn't make sense because Riot Games isn't just making adaptations. of Valorant The control scheme for Xbox and PlayStation controllers is being overhauled, however, as are some gameplay features. So, it added a new feature called Focus on the controller that makes hip fire feel more precise. don't value Production Director Arnar Gylfason elaborated on this in a comment to Digital Trends.

“Our goal when adapting any feature to consoles is don't value A moment on a new platform. This meant not only adapting the input method, but also ensuring the experience remained true to the original. We achieved this through multiple iterations, analyzing how problems were solved by other games, and most importantly, getting player feedback—lots of player feedback. We were also very excited to create the best competitive experience for controllers. This required changes to the game to ensure it felt accurate and fair on consoles; That's why we've added new features like Focus when needed, adapted Agent abilities, and many more features to achieve this goal. Along with these improvements, other changes had to be made, including not allowing cross-play from PC to Console. don't value Competitive integrity standard.”

Xbox gameplay of Valorant.
This in-game screenshot shows what Valorant's UI and Focus gameplay will look like on Xbox consoles. Riot Games

Fortunately, don't value It will feature cross-progression between PC and consoles and a shared player inventory. All future patches and updates will also occur simultaneously on PC and consoles. If you want to try don't value You can sign up to test ports on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S official website of the game Right now.

The first limited beta tests will begin on June 14 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Japan. This will be followed by betas in more regions and a wide release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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