We examined Shadow the Hedgehog's milkshake in practice

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Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

It debuted at the Digital Trends Summer Gaming Festival over the weekend. We had the chance to demo tons of new games, many of which you can read about right now. There are a lot of games we hope to get hands-on with over the next few days; Sonic X Shadow Generations. But before that, we encountered another Sonic treat at the show.

I drank Shadow the Hedgehog's milkshake. I drank.

As part of the press and creator event, Sega and Atlus not only brought demos for upcoming games like: Metaphor: ReFantazio. A dessert truck full of sweets themed around the upcoming games was also set up for attendees. While Shin Megami Tensei fans offered flavored ice, Monkey Ball also presented frozen bananas to the participants. But of course this is the year of the Shadow. The anti-hero needed to make his presence felt at the Summer Game Festival Sega dessert truck. The people would revolt.

A menu shows Sega deserts.
Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

Fortunately, the mad king surrendered with Shadow Shock. A menu outside the truck told me that I couldn't perform Chaos Control on my own as I slurped down Shadow's cookies and cream concoction (topped with a red velvet swirl). This sounded risky, but I figured nothing could be more dangerous than giving. Sonic Limits is a negative review and angers Sonic's loyal fan base.

So how well does Shadow Shake represent its eponymous pig? I have mixed feelings. Naturally, it's a delicious shake that pays homage to the character's color scheme, but the cookies-and-cream tone clashes with Shadow's pure black plumage—though I guess it wouldn't be legal for Sega to offer attendees a glass of steaming hot black paint. Maybe something like a blueberry smoothie would be a safer option.

Safe is a good word here to sum up the contradiction in Shadow's milkshake. It was a nice experience, but Shadow is a real freak. When I think of him, I smell gunshots and I think of him saying, “Damn.” While I can't complain about a good milkshake, I'm not sure a delicious milkshake will capture that essence.

Sonic grinding on rail.

Hopefully, Sonic X Shadow Generations will avoid falling into the same trap. The original Sonic Generations was built around the naturally blue hedgehog, matching his bright-eyed attitude. The new version will add Shadow to the mix and I expect it will come with some tonal changes. I'd love to see darker content mixed in to make their segments feel a little more distinct. Sonic games are at their best when they shape the gameplay around an eclectic cast of heroes. For this reason Sonic Adventure 2 remains one of the best entries in the series.

I'll find out for sure when I finally get to practice it Sonic X Shadow Generations. But honestly I think I got a better job at Summer Game Fest. I apologize to all the suckers who got stuck in the demo kiosk while I was outside drinking a shake in the sun.

Sonic X Shadow Generations It will be released on October 24 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Ninendo Switch and PC.

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